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Jersey Insulation Pros are experts in a groundbreaking and cost-effective approach for sinking concrete surfaces called Foam Jacking Solution for correcting uneven and settling concrete. If uneven surfaces are a concern, don’t delay addressing the issue before it escalates into a tripping risk. Reach out to us now for a Free Estimate for Concrete Leveling and discover how we can restore stability and safety permanently to your walkways, driveways, terraces, and beyond with our economical Foam Jacking Solution.

Foam Jacking is best for Concrete Leveling

At Jersey Insulation Pros, our team specializes in concrete lifting services across East Brunswick and its adjacent regions. We deliver a prompt and economical approach to mending your sloping concrete surfaces. Employing foam jacking techniques, our process involves injecting robust concrete lifting foam beneath the concrete slab to elevate it to its original level. This method not only rectifies the alignment but also solidifies the underlying soil to avert potential complications from considerable weight traversing the area. Our process allows for a quick turnaround with hardly any wait time, eliminating the need for pricey overhauls. Your areas will be secure and ready for use shortly after completion. Opt for Brunswick Insulation Pros for a seamless, eco-friendly, and durable solution to your concrete dilemmas.

Unleash Energy Efficiency with Our Premier Insulation Services in New Jersey!

What is the process of concrete leveling by foam jacking?

Foam injection, popularly known as Foam Jacking, is a reliable and straightforward method for adjusting uneven surfaces. Below is the process detailed step by step:

  • Evaluation of the Site

    Initially, the team at Brunswick Insulation Pros conducts a detailed inspection of the concrete surface in question to ascertain the severity of the displacement and to strategize an effective foam injection plan.

  • Site Preparation

    Before proceeding, the affected area is cleaned thoroughly to remove any debris or obstacles, which helps in ensuring the concrete lifting foam sticks well and the procedure runs smoothly.

  • Hole Drilling

    Subsequently, tiny holes are drilled into the lowered sections of the concrete at specific points. These holes are noticeably smaller compared to those made for other methods like mud-jacking, preserving the aesthetic appeal of your concrete surfaces.

  • Foam Injection

    A concrete leveling foam made from high-density polyurethane is then injected into these holes. It expands and solidifies beneath the surface, elevating the sunken slab back to its original position.

  • Constant Monitoring

    With the foam in action, our experts meticulously observe the elevation process and fine-tune as necessary to ensure that the surface is perfectly aligned and level.

  • Hole Sealing

    After successfully raising and stabilizing the concrete, the drilled holes are sealed with a concrete mixture, camouflaging them within the existing surface.

  • Final Touches

    To conclude, we execute a comprehensive cleanup of the area and conduct a final review to confirm the restored integrity of the concrete, ensuring it's safe for use.

Brunswick Insulation Pros proudly offers a swift and effective solution for Concrete Lifting through Foam Jacking, ensuring durable correction of your property’s concrete surfaces with minimal interruption to your daily routine.

Why Choose Jersey Insulation for Foam Jacking?

At Jersey Insulation Pros, we take pride in being at the forefront of offering Concrete Lifting and Concrete Leveling solutions, leveraging advanced Foam for Leveling Concrete techniques. Our skilled professionals bring a wealth of experience to every Concrete Jacking job, handling each project with unmatched precision and attention. We are well-versed in navigating the distinct challenges posed by the area’s specific soil compositions and climatic conditions. Our Concrete Lifting Foam is crafted to provide a superior, durable fix to sinking concrete issues. Our dedication to achieving total client satisfaction and our meticulous attention to every detail distinguishes us as the premier choice for all your Concrete Leveling requirements in New Jersey.

What to do if I have an uneven concrete surface that needs leveling in New Jersey?


Avoid the risks and aesthetic downsides of irregular concrete surfaces that can lead to trips, falls, or even decrease your property’s value. Consider choosing Jersey Insulation Pros for a modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution. Concrete Lifting with Foam Jacking is our expertise. Reach out to us now for a complimentary estimate and make the first move towards ensuring your surfaces are flawlessly flat and durable over time, utilizing our concrete leveling foam. Our Foam for leveling concrete is designed to address your needs effectively.

How do I select the right concrete lifting method?

The traditional method of Concrete Lifting often involves a process known as mud-jacking. This technique injects a blend of water, soil, sand, and cement underneath the concrete to elevate it. While effective for initial Concrete Leveling, this approach has limitations over time. Alternatively, Foam Jacking presents a solution that addresses the shortcomings of mud-jacking more effectively.

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